Buyers Save By Shopping Online

Published Date: 10th May 2006

Car buyers can potentially by one car and get the other one free through the savings they make by purchasing online.

An example of a comparison search for Subaru Impreza models highlighted that a car buyer could save around £5,925 by shopping online., who provided the research, suggests, savings here could be used to purchase car insurance.

Richard Mason, director of the website, said: "Consumers are getting savvier about shopping around for many things, such as financial products, groceries and holidays, but when it comes to buying a new car, many people are still paying way over the odds as they default to their local dealer."

"And while we're used to haggling over the price of a second-hand vehicle, it seems we're not quite as clued-up on how to save money when purchasing a brand new car."

Recent research from Tesco Car Insurance found that motorists in built up areas pay more than their counterparts.

This is partly due to the greater likelihood of incident in city areas, suggest experts.

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