Bulletproof Mercedes

Published Date: 17th Aug 2014

This is the most armoured version of Mercedes S-Class ever and is able to absorb attack from bullets, grenades and gas.

The armour-plating is cut to fit on-site, and bolted onto the Mercedes to give extra bulletproof protection. On the scales of vehicle toughness, the new Mercedes S-Guard is one of the world’s few ‘VR9’ rated cars. Which means it is able to withstand hits from grenades, mines, and stop projectiles travelling twice the speed of a run of the mill handgun bullet. Unlike most a civilian vehicles, armour almost entirely covers the under body area of the car for the first time. The fuel tank has the latest technology and is a self-sealing fuel cell that can absorb shockwaves from explosions and heal itself to prevent fuel leaks if ruptured.

The German car-maker has just added the S-Class limousine to its range of special ‘Guard’ armoured vehicles. Slotting in above the ML-based M-Guard and G-Class G-Guard, the new S-Class S-Guard is the toughest Mercedes ever made.

This new car is loosely based on the 523bhp twin-turbo V12-powered S600, the S-Class S-Guard transforms into bulletproof transport haven at a dedicated factory in Sindelfingen, Germany. The cars are hand-built to ensure the absolute maximum strength and also attention to detail, with even the inner body shells being reinforced. Welds and seams on the car are double-plated, and seals are compressed to seal the S-Guard’s interior from any threats that may arise.

Armour Upgrade Cost

It costs in the region of £139,000 for the S600, and upgrading the car to VR9 S-Guard specification will set you back in the region of £150,000, that’s a grand total of nearly £300,000. Despite the massive price, the S-Guard is likely to become a common sight at global political summits and royal events. The Mercedes S-class is currently sold in 90 countries around the world.