British Mini is 50 Years Old

Published Date: 5th May 2009

The British Mini, one of the world’s most popular cars is celebrating its 50th Birthday.

During the 1950’s the head of British Motoring Company wanted a minature car to compete with the German bubble cars of the time. He was also adamant that the car should be shaped like a box to compete with its rival.

Alec Issigonis designed a classic – the Mini could accommodate four adults despite its size. It is also reported that Issigonis had a fondness for Gordons Gin and built the inside door compartments to fit a bottle neatly.

The engine was 848cc and was fitted transversely to give the interior cabin the maximum amount of space – and so the world’s greatest city car was born.

BMW liked what they saw and its version of the classic British car has also been a huge success. The new Mini is bigger, more powerful and roomier without losing any of the originals charm.

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