Best New Car deals 2015

We have compiled a list of the best new car deals for 2015; new car sales are on the increase with more and more people getting over the recent recession. When people are looking for a new car, they don’t just look at the price of the car but also how much they can save.

The best new car deals are more to do with value, and getting the best quality new car for a reasonable price. When you head down to your local dealer you can expect to pay the full RRP for a new car, on a rare occasion you can manage to squeeze a few percent off the full price. On the other hand you can shop online where discounts are advertised freely and look very attractive. The best new car deals are with us at UK Car Discount ltd, where we can save you up to £10,000 off the price of your new car. And with the new March 15 plate just around the corner, there hasn’t been a better time to order your new car. If you order before the end of December you can avoid the January price increase because once you order with Uk Car Discount your new 15 plate car is price protected.

Is buying a car online too good to be true?

In short the answer is no when it comes to, we have been selling new cars on the internet for over 10 years and we have thousands of satisfied customers. You can check out what are customers say about us at or the