Beat the VAT Increase with UK Car Discount

Published Date: 19th Nov 2009

By placing a deposit only before January 1st 2010, buyers can still take advantage of the 15% tax rate, even on a new car delivered in march 2010 with the new 10 plate.

Every once in a while, there comes along a great opportunity to get one over on the tax-man. The last few weeks of 2009 present such a opportunity if you are considering buying a new car with UK Car Discount.

With UK Car Discount, the country's leading online car dealer, as long as you place a deposit on your new car before 1st January 2010, you can pay the outstanding amount at the lower 15% rate of VAT, rather than the 17.5%.

"Before the new ruling customers would have had to pay the full amount for the car before the VAT deadline to get the lower rate of tax, but now this change has really given the customer an added incentive to get a cheap, new car", said Alan Green, sales Manager at UK Car Discount.

"What's really good with this deal is that for as little as £500 deposit on a new car under £20,000, you can get a factory-order car that will be delivered in March with the new 10 plate on, and your saving hundreds on VAT. It's about time the man in the street got something back from the tax man, especially after we've been giving all our tax to banks over the past year. That extra 2.5% saving is a great offer," Green added.

With some of the best savings on new UK cars around, include the extra 2.5% VAT saving, and a new car from UK Car Discount can be in reach of a lot more people.

Some examples of the savings orders taken before the 30th Dec VAT guaranteed at 15% available on cheap, new cars from UK Car Discout are:

Make and model Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDi 16v Exclusive EGS
Price VAT 15% £17,530
Price VAT 17.5% £17,907
You save £377

Make and model Renault Grand Scenic 1.9DCi Dynamique
Price VAT 15% £16,602
Price VAT 17.5% £16,959
You save £357

Make and model Mazda 6 2.2D TS2 163 5 Door Hatchback
Price VAT 15% £16,580 
Price VAT 17.5% £16,937
You save £357

Make and model Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Titanium X 5 Door Hatchback
Price VAT 15% £19,111
Price VAT 17.5% £19,522
You save £411

Please note, for cars priced £20,000 or under for delivery UK Car Discount require a £500 deposit. For all other cars a deposit of £1,000 is required.

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