New Audi TT Alternative

Published Date: 17th Nov 2005

Audi is to go ahead with its plans to build a new top end coupe based on the same platform as the Lamborghini Gallardo

Its striking design sticks very close to the Le Mans Quattro concept car that appeared at the Frankfurt motor show two years ago.

The German manufacturer is hoping that its latest two-door offering will prove as desirable as the relatively cheap new Audi TT

Audi chairman, Dr. Martin Winterkorn, said to 4Car: "Through the R8 we are looking to build on our successes in motorsport and carry them over to series production. This model represents Audi's very own interpretation of sportiness."

For those who either can't wait to own a stylish Audi coupe, or cannot afford the R8 a cheap, a new Audi TT may fit the bill.