40 New Ford Full Electric and Hybrid Cars By 2022

Ford has announced a commitment to release 40 new electric powered models by 2022 in Europe of which 16 will be full electric with an estimated range of up to 300 miles on a full charge, the remainder will be a mix of mild hybrid, hybrid and plugin-hybrid vehicles.  All new Ford vehicles release from 2019 onwards in Europe will feature electric technology of some kind in fact.

Ford Mild Hybrid Cars

2019 Ford Kuga Plug-inFord plans to roll-out mild hybrid versions of its best-selling Fiesta and Focus models. The mild hybrid technology will feature a 48V Li-Ion battery which is recharged by a regenerative braking system whilst coasting and braking. The mild hybrid technology is best-suited to people travelling short journeys or doing mainly around-town travel with no need to ‘plug-in’ to recharge the battery.

The award winning Ecoboost petrol engines will get the mild hybrid treatment and be available as an option for Focus and Fiesta models. The new Ford Kuga will also get a 1.0 EcoBoost mild hybrid option as well as an EcoBlue diesel mild hybrid. All new mild hybrid models should be available by 2020.

Ford Hybrid Cars

The Ford Mondeo Saloon had already been given the Hybrid treatment with the Mondeo Estate Hybrid a recent new addition.

Hybrid cars, sometimes referred to as self-charging hybrids feature a larger battery than mild hybrids combined with a conventional petrol or diesel engine. The battery is recharged using a combination of the petrol or diesel engine and regenerative braking technology.

Ford Plugin-in Hybrid Cars

The all-new Ford Kuga gets a petrol plugin hybrid (PHEV) model in 2019. Plugin-hybrid technology enables you to run in full electric mode on shorter trips or when power demands are not at peak levels. The ability to recharge the battery via charging stations means less frequent trips the petrol station for fuel.

2019 Ford Torneo Plug-in HybridThe Ford transit is also getting a new plug-in hybrid that will be capable of covering over 30 miles in full electric model, the new model utilises Ford’s multi-award winning 1.0 EcoBoost engine which helps charge the battery along with regenerative braking technology. Order books should be open for the new Ford Transit PHEV late 2019.

The Torneo, Ford’s 9-seater people carrier based on the transit is also getting the same plugin-in hybrid treatment utilising the same 1.0 Ecoboost petrol/hybrid technology with order books open late 2019 also.

Ford Full Electric Cars

Full electric vehicles feature a much larger battery and ranges of up to 300 miles in some cases with charging via home installations or public fast chargers. Ford has plans to release 16 new pure electric vehicles by 2022 including an all-new performance SUV that will take some of its cues from the Ford Mustang.

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