2020 MK8 VW Golf Details | Release Date

Order books will be open for the new 8th generation VW Golf early 2020, with first deliveries to customers expected by April, new GTI models will be available later in 2020.

The new MK8 VW Golf features 5 models with hybrid technology for the first time, a modernised dashboard/interior and lots of new tech and equipment.


8th Generation VW Golf Exterior

2020 MK8 Golf ExteriorExterior styling is nothing too radical, but various tweaks bring a sleeker, sharper looking MK8 Golf. The bonnet is slightly longer, whilst at the front there’s a smaller grille and sleeker headlights.

The side profile features a more sculpted look and the rear gets the same sleeker light treatment as the front along with a newly designed and raised rear bumper.

Lower grade models should get 16-inch alloy wheels with higher grade models getting 17-inch alloys.

In keeping with current trends, Volkswagen are dropping the 3-door model with the 5-door model historically the big/main seller.

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8th Generation VW Golf – Interior

MK8 VW Golf Digital DashInside the MK8 VW Golf is where you’ll find more radical changes. The first thing you’ll notice up front is the new 10-inch digital driver display which comes as standard on all models, it appears to merge seamlessly into the large infotainment screen, in a similar fashion to the Mercedes A-Class, giving the dashboard a hi-tech look and feel.

There’s also an optional widescreen head-up display to complete the cockpit feel.  A lot of the buttons and switches are gone too with many functions controlled via the touchscreen infotainment system or a new digital panel situated to the left of the digital instrument display, there’s also voice control which mitigates the need for dials and switches even more.

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Driver Aids and Safety Tech Taken To New Levels

The 8th generation VW Golf boasts a host of new safety and driver tech with new levels of semi-autonomous driving capabilities meaning the MK8 Golf can accelerate, steer, keep in lane and brake on motorways, as well as communicate with other vehicles.

MK8 Golf Digital DisplayThe MK8 Golf is also equipped with next-generation Car2X technology, a new automotive communication standard enabling data to be exchanged between vehicles on motorways and major roads equipped with the relevant infrastructure.

Car2X enables vehicles to share information about potential problems such as roadside breakdowns, accidents, traffic jams etc and it can also share key information for example when another vehicles brake in a emergency the information is passed to other vehicles enabling manual braking or automatic emergency braking systems to be deployed.

Volkswagen say the MK8 VW Golf will be a class leader in next-generation safety tech.

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8th Generation VW Golf Engines

The 8th generation Golf will be the first to feature 5 models with hybrid technology.

Petrol options are a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol unit with 89bhp and 109bhp powertrains and 1.5-litre petrol available with 129bhp and 148bhp powertrains. There’s also a new 6-speed manual and new dual clutch automatic transmission, both transmissions offer improved efficiency.

mk8 golf exterior rearDespite the decrease in demand for diesels there will still be two diesel models available which are ideally suited to those clocking up a lot of miles, these are 114bhp and 148bhp powertrains, the latter is also available with all-wheel drive. Volkswagen say the new diesels are cleaner and you should see a drop of around 10g/km in emissions over the outgoing 2.0-litre diesel.

The new diesel engines feature dual AdBlue injection that Volkswagen say cuts dangerous nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 80% making it one of the cleanest diesels.

The new eTSI Mild hybrids feature a 48-V lithium-ion battery combined with petrol engine with 110, 130 and 150PS powertrains and the latest brake regeneration technology, delivering significantly improved levels of efficiency. The mild hybrids are available exclusively with the 7-speed DSG transmission.

The cleanest model of all will be the new GTE plugin hybrid; combining an electric motor with a 1.4-litre petrol engine, capable of doing up to 35 miles in full electric mode. The new GTE packs a punch with 241bhp of power it will boast true hot hatch performance.

The traditional Golf GTI hot hatch will not be available at launch but should follow later in 2020 and will feature performance improvements over the existing GTI model.

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