Exploring the Advantages of SIPS Safety System

Published Date: 9th May 2023

Image of a Car Crash involving two vehiclesSafety is likely a top concern if you're in the market for a new car. One important safety system to look for is the side impact protection system (SIPS). SIPS is a passive safety system that helps protect occupants in a side-impact collision by distributing the impact forces across a wider area of the car, reducing the severity of injuries.

SIPS contains several components: reinforced door beams, side impact beams, and side airbags. Many new car manufacturers include SIPS as a standard feature, and the system contains the following safety improvements.:


Volvo was the inventor of SIPS technology. Their system includes specially designed structural members in the passenger cabin, reinforcement inside the doors, and special side-impact airbags mounted along the outside edges of the front seats. Transversely mounted high-strength tubular and steel braces run across the floor of the Volvo beneath the front seats. These tubular braces are under the front seats and use a structural member between the seats to help transfer impact focus away from the occupants.

Image of a Volvo Car with the SIPS systemThe central B-posts are reinforced and attached to broadly reinforced floor and roof sections. The roof of each 850 models is attached to the car's one-piece body side stampings using a continuous laser welder for a single, high-strength weld. All Volvo roof posts and the B-posts are double or triple layers of steel throughout.

Volvos have anti-intrusion bars built into all four doors, which are welded inside the door frames to add strength. The door hinges have a locking tab, which helps to hold the door in place even if the welds holding the hinge to the roof post should be sheared in an accident.

The door sills of all Volvo models have a large cross-section for both side-impact protection and for absorbing longitudinal impact forces. All Volvo models gain torsional strength by using hot adhesives to bond the windshield and rear window glass to the body structure. The body structure gains additional strength through continuous laser welding on the entire roof on the 850-series models rather than individual spot welds.

SIPS has several benefits, including reducing the risk of head, neck, and chest injuries, preventing the car from rolling over, and keeping the car's passengers inside the vehicle in the event of a collision. Although only one in four crashes is a side or T-bone collision, this impact accident is responsible for too many deaths.


Here are the most common types of side impact collisions:



Image of a Volvo XC-60 CarSIPS can help protect drivers and passengers in all these collisions. It does this by distributing the impact force across a wider area of the car, which helps reduce the severity of injuries.

For example, in a T-bone collision, SIPS can help to prevent the door from caving in and crushing the occupant. In a sideswipe collision, SIPS can help prevent the car from collapsing on the occupants. And in a rollover collision, SIPS can help keep the occupants inside the vehicle and prevent them from being ejected.

SIPS is an important safety feature that can help to protect drivers and passengers in side-impact collisions. If safety is your priority, choosing a new car with SIPS as a standard feature is essential. Many manufacturers offer this vehicle safety system, including Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Subaru, Honda, and Toyota.

In conclusion, SIPS is an essential safety system for new car buyers to consider. It is a passive safety system that helps protect occupants in a side-impact collision by distributing the impact forces across a wider area of the car, reducing the severity of injuries. Many manufacturers, including Volvo, the SIPS technology innovator, offer this vehicle safety system. Choosing a new car with SIPS can help reduce the risk of injury in a side-impact collision.

SIPS is a standard feature on many new cars, with the following manufacturers including it on their new cars: Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Subaru, Honda, and Toyota.



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