Nissan e-Power Hybrid Explained

Published Date: 10th Mar 2022

Nissan e-Power HybridNissan’s e-Power system offers a different type of hybrid powertrain. In a conventional hybrid vehicle, the wheels are powered by a combination of the electric motor and a traditional petrol or diesel combustion engine.

The e-Power system differs fundamentally in that the wheels are driven solely by the electric motor for a full electric-like driving experience. The e-Power petrol engine is dedicated to providing power to the electric motor, either directly via the inverter, or by charging the battery that in turn supplies ‘juice’ back to the electric motor.

e-Power technology was first seen in Infiniti vehicles, Nissan’s partner company and manufacturers of premium cars. It uses the same tried and tested EV technology found in the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is one of the world’s most popular electric cars and it has been at the forefront of the EV vehicle revolution.

The e-Power system also uses variable compression technology which adjusts the piston stroke length according to the driver’s power demands. This in turn increase efficiency whilst the additional performance is still available on demand working the pistons to their full capacity.

Additionally, further performance is gained by allowing the petrol engine to supply power directly to the electric motor under high demand, for example heavy acceleration or at higher speeds.