VW Scandal – Updates, 2016 models affected and re-calls

vw logoThe recently disgraced VW group has admitted to manipulating Co2 and Mpg figures in over 800,000 cars. The most recent update came just a short while ago when they announced that 430,000 2016 model year VW cars have been affected. This is worrying to those who have recently bought or are waiting for the latest model, though no more cars leaving the factory will have these problems or manipulations – you should check our list at the bottom of the page to see if your car is affected.

The list of engines affected are the 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 – and the problems are not just limited to petrol or diesel but this is a significant development in the grand scheme of things.

The VW Group has released details of multiple online portals that will tell you whether your car is affected and detail the severity of the problem. These online portals are expected to be open for customers in the next few days.

Countries all over the world have been affected by VW’s actions, and VW are currently in talks with some major governments to discuss compensation packages for the Co2 scandal it created. Vw will be liable to pay any extra money to governments etc. because of the deception of Co2 emissions and the band changes and therefor the price changes. Customers who have bought a car from the VW Group will not pay for any change of banding or anything else to do with the VW Scandal.

VW put aside a large cash reserve to deal with the nuclear fallout of their errors, 4.7 Billion to be exact. But experts are suggesting that this will not cover the recent discoveries and events, a figure of 2 Billion extra has been floating around the media.

Here’s a list of the latest 2016 model year cars affected – take a look to see if you can see your car…..PDF Download Link

vw list 1

vw list 2

vw list 3

vw list 3