Volkswagen Passat Wins 2015 Car of the Year

Volkswagen Passat wins the new car of the year at the 2015 Geneva Motorshow.

The VW Passat fought off competition from the Citroen C4 Cactus, the Nissan Qashqai, Mercedes-benz C-class, Ford Mondeo, Renault Twingo and the new BMW 2 series active tourer and with all this competition; the VW Passat still managed to pull trough and win unanimously. 58 Journalists from 22 countries decided on which of the entrants would take home the trophy, though it was tipped that the Citroen C4 Cactus would be the run-away winner. In the end the VW Passat won by a comfortable margin of 100 points, and the Citroen C4 Cactus managed to take 2nd place - just ahead of the new Mercedes C-class.

This is a great victory for Volkswagen and gives them the bragging rights of having all of there main production models having won "Car of the Year" - The Vw Polo took home the honour in 2010, the VW golf won in 2013 and now the new VW Passat wins "Car of the Year" for 2015. Press, journalists and avid motor fans from around the world flocked to the Pal Expo in Geneva, Switzerland. All were fighting to get a glimpse of the new VW Passat in all its glory. When the announcement was made, the VW Passat was wheeled down to the stage and paraded to the cameras While all its six rivals were lined up just outside: left out in the cold and out of the limelight. 

Now to explain a little bit about how the judging and score system works: There is a total of 58 judges from 22 countries, these are mainly journalists and editors of well-known car magazines and car review websites. Each judge is given a total of 25 points to allocate to his/her choice of car: giving the most points to the car that they think is the worthy winner. This system has been put together to ensure there is a fair and healthy competition, also ensuring that there is a clear winner every year.

Switzerland is the home of the rich and a well-publicised tax haven, fitting for the most glamorous award in the car industry. Geneva is right at the edge of the Swiss border to France. Most people in Switzerland are french-speaking and the normal living wage is much higher than most places around the world. The Twitter also our