Top 5 4x4 New Car Deals

The 4x4 is a type of car that's gaining more and more UK fans, thanks to the amazing practicality, commanding driving position and all-weather ability they offer. In the early 2000s it seemed like 4x4s and SUVs had fallen out of fashion thanks to dramatically rising fuel costs, but with new efficient modern engines equipped, the market for these cars is growing out of control.

Off-road use is the the main reason for owning a 4x4, but today they rarely leave the tarmac, but that's not so say some of these cars can't handle the rough stuff.

The large size of 4x4s and SUVs such as the New Nissan X-Trail, Volvo XC90, Mitsubishi Outlander, Range Rover and Hyundai Sante Fe means there's a lot of interior space - either to transport large families or to carry a lot of luggage. Many of the top 5 4x4s also have a third row of seats that folds away into the boot floor, so you can choose from seating and luggage space when you need it.