The New Mazda 2 Supermini

The new model Mazda 2 is due to arrive in the UK this September and is very different from the model it replaces. It is the second generation of Mazda’s ‘Zoom Zoom’ designed models.

It will be based on the same basic platform that will be used for the new model Ford Fiesta and is both smaller and lighter than the previous Mazda 2 model. It will initially be available in 3 new petrol engines. A 1.3litre/75bhp engine is claimed by Mazda to be very economical and they say it can do 65mpg and has low CO2 emissions. Another 1.3litre/86bhp will also be available along with a 1.5litre/103bhp engine.

Further models are due to be introduced at later dates – a 1.4 litre turbo diesel should be available from January 2008 and two further models next summer.

Car Magazine recently tested the new model Mazda 2 and commented ‘Mazda’s new 2 is a world away from the model it replaces. With its snappy styling, engaging driving experience, strong performance and intelligent packaging, it dovetails perfectly with the company’s Zoom Zoom ethos’.

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