Skoda comes top, in the latest JD Power reliability rankings.

The annual vehicle dependability survey by JD Power has now crowned Skoda the king of reliability for the second year in a row.

The survey consists of around 13,000 vehicle owners and their cars have to be aged between 12 to 36 months. Each individual owner then rated their vehicle for the survey which allows JD Power to create an overall picture of reliability of the latest generation of new cars.

The survey ranks each manufacturer by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles. Skoda topped this year’s ranking with a low score of 66 problems per 100 vehicles, next up was Suzuki with 79 then in a close third was Kia with 80. Fourth went to Vauxhall with 90 and then tied 5th and 6th was Peugeot and Volkswagen with 92.

The average score across the board was 113, a very slight improvement from 114 points last year. Land Rover rolled across the line in last place with 197 problems per 100 cars going up from there, Dacia 174, Audi 170 and BMW with 154. See the full survey table below.


Skoda’s Yeti and Fabia claimed the top spot in some segments while the Octavia came second in another. See the full results below


Commenting on the survey, Dr. Axel Sprenger, senior director of European automotive operations at J.D. Power, said, “Customers in the UK expect their vehicle to be problem-free, not only in the first 90 days, but also during the first three years of ownership. When owners experience even a single problem with their vehicle, this can be the initiation of losing confidence in the vehicle and the brand.”

As always the JD power survey has found that dependability has always been linked very heavily to customer loyalty in the brand.

Among those asked in the survey which had no problems at all 46% of them would definitely purchase from the same manufacturer again and 66% of them would definitely recommend them to a friend. In cases where one or two problems were encountered the figures dropped slightly to 38% for a same purchase and 55% on recommending to a friend.