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New 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser

Details, specifications and prices for the new 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser are to be announced shortly which is expected to be on sale in the UK in early 2014. Toyota has introduced a number of enhancements and improvements that give the 2014 Land Cruiser new looks/styling whilst at the same retaining some key looks synonymous to model.

New Toyota Auris Hybrid Or A Prius ?

If you’re looking to purchase a hybrid and the new Toyota Prius is a little bit too expensive for you then won’t go far wrong with a a brand new Toyota Auris Hybrid. If you look at an entry-level model you could find the Auris as much as £2000 cheaper than the Prius whilst moving up the trim levels to the more equipped models you may find a saving of £3000-£4000 when...

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid - The UKs Cheapest Hybrid

Toyota is a pioneer of the of hybrid cars with the Prius being the UK’s favourite Hybrid to date and the Yaris Hybrid further strengthens Toyota’s presence in the hybrid sector with the Yaris tag of the UK’s cheapest Hybrid. With demand for supermini’s outselling any other car sector by a significant amount the Yaris opens up the Hybrid option to a much larger audience.

New Toyota Auris Hybrid Lower Emissions

The 2013 new Toyota Auris Hybrid hatchback is now available with CO2 emissions of just 84g/km, which makes it a class leader with the lowest emissions  of any vehicle in the family hatchback sector. The reductions in emissions has been achieved with improved vehicle tuning and various design/aerodynamic enhancements including aero-stabilising fins in the rear glazing.

New Toyota Auris Touring Sport Debuts

Toyota are introducing a new model to the Auris range the new Toyota Auris Touring Sports. This is first time an estate will be offered in the Auris range and it was also be the first in it's class to offer a full hybrid powertrain utilising Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology and there's good news for British manufacturing and jobs, the new Auris Touring Sports model will be built...

New 2013 Toyota Avensis

The new Toyota Avensis Saloon and new Avensis Tourer models have been given a subtle upgrade for 2013. Trim levels fall in-line with the new Auris and Verso models structured with the entry-level Active model  then there’s the Icon, Icon Plus and top of the range Excel these replace the previous trim levels the T2, TR, T4and T Spirit.

New Toyota Prius Saves Money

It makes perfect sense, do you bit for the environment and save significant amounts of cash in running costs, the new Toyota Prius is becoming more popular than ever and there are some very good reasons why the UK’s most popular Hybrid is becoming a very common sight in and around London: For one the London congestion charge, if your car emissions are less the 100g/km you will be exempt...

New Toyota Pruis+ Just The Job

Embarque is a new executive minicab service which started operating in London and all  of the major airports, it will be growing its fleet by adding 22 seven-seat Prius models throughout January and February.

New 2013 Toyota Auris

The Toyota Auris has an improved drive and looks made even more appealing by the fact that it will be easy on the pocket with low running costs. Improvements have been made to fuel efficiency and emissions that mean you find there will be less money spent at the pumps and lower tax bills! If you couple that with the generous savings on list prices from UK Car Discount then you could be on a...

The New 2013 Toyota Verso

Toyota’s new compact MPV, the Verso will be introduced in 2013, joining the new, British-built Auris it strengthens Toyota’s presence in the Compact MPV market The new Toyota Verso was unveiled at this year’s Paris motor show in September sports new styling not unlike the new Auris.

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