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The Ford Fiesta Charity Challenge

Mr Sandwell, aged 35, has had a life-long battle with GUCH and is looking to raise the profile of the condition, as well as the charity itself, with the help of local sponsors. "We thank Ford for helping to make this event possible. We wanted to give something back to the charity that has helped me over the years," he said.

James Bond In New Ford Mondeo

James Bond has replaced his traditional Austin Martin DB7 for the new Ford Mondeo, which drivers can pick up with new car finance deals now. The family car will be seen in a vamped up format boasting the usual range of Bond gadgets and arsenal. An insider said: "It's a huge deal, worth far more than the £2 million Daniel Craig is getting to play the spy.

Ford Announce New Galaxy People Carrier

Ford has announced price details of its new Ford Galaxy people carrier, available with new car finance options such as hire purchase agreements. On sale in June, the new Ford Galaxy is longer and taller than older editions and comes in a range of engines, including a 2.0 litre 143 bhp petrol engine and featuring a 1.8 litre diesel engine with 123 bhp.

Ford's New Rally Academy

Ford has launched a new rally academy at Silverstone that will teach young racing hopefuls the basic skills of rallying. Integral to the academy is the Ford Rally Sport Trainer, a two-seater rally car with a frame constructed of tubular steel that is able to withstand impacts from other cars and from rollovers.

Ford Car Prices

It's official there are more cheap Ford cars in Essex than any other English County. Meanwhile, Scots play to their stereotype with a penchant for the cheap and cheerful Skoda, twice as many on the highland roads as the national average. Complaints about spotless urban 4x4s choking up the roads in the south were also upheld.

The All-New Ford Ranger

Ford has announced the introduction of its all-new Ford Ranger, which is expected to deliver more power, style and durability when it finally hits Britain The new Ranger is a very stylish yet durable vehicle. It really deserves its 'tough truck' label, and now offers higher levels of comfort and practicality," said Gary Whittam, commercial vehicles director for Ford of Britain.

Ford Offers Free Upgrades

Ford buyers can celebrate the new year with the free upgrade deals that it is offering on its cheap new cars. So, a Kia Luxury can be bought for the same price as would normally be paid for a Kia collection, allowing for savings of around ?1,700. Similarly, website

Ford To Launch New Galaxy

Ford will be launching new models of its MPVs at the Geneva Motor Show next week, including the new Ford Galaxy. It has been a bold decision to release to "distinctly" different MPVs on the market, but experts believe the move will pay off.

New Ford Mondeo Kinetic Design

Details of the new 2007 For Mondeo have been released. View UK MOndeo deals and news here. Details have emerged of the new Ford Mondeo set for release in 2007. The four-door new Ford Mondeo will incorporate the manufacturer's "Kinetic Design" standard, which will be seen in Ford models across the range.

New Ford Mondeo Special Edition Edge

The Ford Mondeo will now be available as a new special edition model called the Ford Mondeo Edge. It will come with the option of two petrol and three diesel engines, including the flagship 2.2-litre 155PS TDCi unit. The new Ford Mondeo will come with a multitude of interior settings including air-conditioning, rain-sensing wipers, rear-parking sensors and a CD system with MP3 capability.