New Technology can detect if your texting behind the wheel

Published Date: 15th Apr 2016

New Technology can detect if your texting behind the wheel. No texting whilst driving sign

The state of New York is finalising and pushing new legislation to allow its police force to start using the new technology as they look to new ways of making roads safer, with reports of eight people. Cellebrite is the company behind the gadgets that use roadside sensors that are claimed to be able to detect your mobile phone sending text messages.

The Israeli based company Cellebrite, are not alone in the race to secure a state contract for this device but are in pole position after helping the FBI to come up with a day zero security by pass for the iPhone in the San Bernardino terrorist shootings.

The only road blocker, in the way this new tech is strict privacy laws guarding citizens and in the case for the use of these text detectors, the Israeli digital forensic company claim the devices will not be able to read or see the who the message is being sent to.

They also claim it will be able to help determine the cause of accidents and see whether a driver was actively using their mobile phone in the time leading up to the event. This may even lead to traffic cops asking for your mobile device during a routine stop, to check if you have been using your phone whilst driving and refusal to do so may result in your licence being instantly revoked.