New Lotus Exige Sport 380 revealed

Published Date: 24th Nov 2016

Lotus have revealed the latest Exige Sport 380, based on last year’s Sport 350 model but with more power coming from the V6 supercharged engine, a range of lightweight components and better aerodynamic down force.

The New Lotus Exige Sport 380

Lotus_Exige_Sport_380_revealed front side view

A total weight of just 1,066kg with all the lotus lightweight options added means that 0-60mph is possible in just 3.5 seconds. The Toyota sourced V6 has been tweaked to deliver more power and torque with 375bhp and 410Nm of torque. The power to weight ratio stands at 353bhp per tonne that makes the top speed of 178mph possible from the rear wheel drive, mid engined and track inspired design.


The use of carbon fibre throughout the car contributes not only to the increased price over last year’s model but also how’ve they’ve managed to reduce the weight overall. Carbon fibre is used for the front access panel on the bonnet, front splitter, rearing, rear diffuser and race seats. More lightweight options have been used for the rear windows, battery (lithium ion) and alloy wheels.

Lotus_Exige_Sport_380_revealed rear side view

A massive 60 per cent increase of aerodynamic down force on top of the last model is down to improvement of airflow around the front bumpers, panels and wings to provide a better track driving experience and 140kg of down force at top speed.

A 48 litre petrol tank has been added to increase the range of the car on a full tank and an automatic gearbox will be available at a later date.

The new Exige Sport 380 is on sale now with prices starting from £67,900 available as a roadster and coupe.