New Jeep Concepts Go On Sale

Published Date: 23rd Sep 2005

Both the new Jeep Patriot and new Jeep Compass Rallye will make it into production, perhaps as early as next year.

Both of the cheap new Jeeps have drawn a great deal of attention at the show, and mark a move into the SUV market for parent company Chrysler.

Although it is targeted at a slightly different market the concept version of the Jeep Patriot is described as a "modern interpretation of classic Jeep styling" and shares some features with both the new Jeep Cherokee and cheap new Jeep Wrangler. 

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If moved into production. Jeep marketing bods believe that the Patriot would appeal to young buyers looking for their first cheap new Jeep 4x4.

While the new Jeep Patriot will be aimed at young buyers looking for their firast 4x4 The Compass Rallye will target buyers who may not have considered the brand before.

It is a compact SUV that Jeep believes would offer excellent fuel economy and a combination of practicality and fun wrapped up in a contemporary design.