New Car Technology in the Connected Roads Trial will save you money!

Published Date: 11th Apr 2016

The Government backed £150million project will start towards the end of next year and carry on until 2021. This project includes WiFi roads, Radar technology and autonomous new cars. Brought to us by Highways England, they look to exploit the technology in new cars and driving assistance to create safer roads and therefore reduce car insurance premiums by up to £14billion

how will the new connected car technology work? and Where will it Trial?

The information will be beamed to your car regarding road condition, breakdowns, accidents, lane change and alternative routes in the new cars of the future. The Government is expecting driver assistance systems fitted on new cars will be over 180 million units by 2020, that’s 1.7 systems per vehicle produced globally.

The A2/M2 is to feature in the trial between London and Kent, Specially adapted cars will receive information wirelessly and pass it on to other cars suggesting to change lanes or alternative routes to save on journey times.


The Hindhead tunnel in Surrey will feature Radar technology to improve breakdown detection along with other roads and motorways. Sensors will be placed on the roadside and on bridges to speed up maintenance. With this early adoption and trial the UK is looking to be a leader in automated car technology and Smart Motorways.

Jim O’Sullivan, the Highways England chief executive said: “We will work with our partners in the supply chain, technology specialists and the automotive industry to trial new tech that will help make journeys safer, more reliable and better informed.”