Ford Kuga is Europe’s Best-Selling PHEV

Published Date: 21st Feb 2022

New Ford Kuga Plugged in and charging

The Kuga, Fords popular mid-sized SUV was the best-selling PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid) across Europe in 2021, selling more than 48,000 units, it was also the fourth best-selling PHEV vehicle in the UK.

The new Ford Kuga is also available in full self-charging hybrid and traditional petrol powertrains. Over half of all Kuga sales across Europe were PHEVs or self-charging hybrid versions, demonstrating the preference and shift to electric/hybrid powertrains by drivers. Overall, the sales of full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles accounted for 19% of all sales across Europe.

The self-charging and plug-in hybrid options give drivers who are not ready to make the leap to a full electric vehicle the chance to take one or two steps in that direction. The plug-in will return the better economy figures but for those who perceive ‘plugging in’ as an inconvenience they still have the option of the self-charging hybrid.

According to Ford data the average distance travelled by Ford Kuga PHEV drivers was 6200 miles in 2021, this equates to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1100kg when compared with a petrol model.

The data also revealed that more than half of Ford Kuga PHEV drivers have a preference for charging their Kuga PHEV overnight at home, with daytime ‘quick’ charges also popular.

The data also indicated that the average remaining battery when drivers charge their PHEV was 30%, showing that most drivers do not taking the risk of depleting the battery to near empty.

If you’re looking for a popular mid-sized SUV, then the new Ford Kuga should be on your shortlist, it provides a solid all-round package and the hybrid options will be appealing to those looking for a company car.