Fiat And Ford Join Forces

Published Date: 8th Nov 2005

Fiat and Ford are joining forces to develop and produce two cheap new small cars.

Engineers from Ford in Poland are set to help in the manufacture and development of the two models.

"As far as Fiat is concerned, the partnership with Ford is relevant fourfold," said Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of Fiat.

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"The joint development of the new cars bears witness to the flexibility of the highly successful Fiat Panda platform; and the alliance represents a win-win industrial opportunity for both parties."

Mr Marchionne said that the Fiat 500 will improve the company's "brand identity as it represents both an icon in the history of our company, and of the motor industry."

Ford of Europe president and chief executive John Fleming said the Fiat was the "ideal partner" for the project because the carmaker is a leading manufacturer of cheap new small cars.

The cars will go on sale in 2007, with the annual volume expected to be split equally between approximately 240,000 units.