Driverless Nissan Qashqai?

Published Date: 8th Mar 2016

Sunderland's Nissan plant is set to build Europe's first 'driverless' cars

Sunderland's Nissan plant is set to become Europe's leader in 'driverless' car technology.

Nissan have announced that their new car will be the company's first vehicle in Europe to feature autonomous 'Piloted Drive' equipment when it rolls off the production line in 2017.

This new Nissan technology allows the car to drive independently and safely in single lane traffic conditions. Nissan explained that they have put thousands of hours of testing and multiple sensors on the car ensure that it anticipates its surroundings with precision and safety.

Over the next four years, Nissan will launch vehicles with increased 'driverless' capabilities like "multiple-lane control", which can negotiate hazards and change lanes during driving without the driver needing to execute the manoeuvre manually.

Nissan say by the end of the decade they will introduce "inner-city" autonomy, allowing vehicles to drive themselves across busy cross roads and intersections. Nissan says the technology will be installed on mass-market cars at affordable prices, with the first coming to Japan in 2016.

Paul Wilcox Chairman of Nissan Europe Announced "The introduction of Piloted Drive technologies will be an evolution not a revolution as the building blocks for this are already in place in many of our cars today through our Safety Shield Technology. With the driver in control, we want to remove the pain-points of being behind the wheel, like navigating heavy traffic, to put the excitement back into driving."

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