Diesel Motorists “Fleeced” At the Pumps

Published Date: 22nd Jan 2016

As we all know the continuing fall of oil prices is bringing the cost of fuel down but should it be even cheaper?

The Fair Fuel UK campaign said those involved in the fuel supply chain are taking the savings for themselves.  Diesel represents the greatest margin of savings not passed on at the forecourt.

Wholesale diesel prices have dropped by 54% since May 2015 but motorists are paying just 34.6% less. More savings are passed on with petrol, wholesale prices have dropped to 40% with just 27% of that passed on to the customer.

Well Known motoring journalist and lead campaigner for FairFuel UK Quentin Willson said: "Weeks and weeks of increased profits on every litre of diesel sold and weeks and weeks of not passing savings on to motoring consumers. And the fuel and oil industries wants us to feel sympathetic?"

Howard Cox, founder of the campaign said: "Everything about fuel pricing hits UK drivers hard at the pumps, from opportunistic profiteering suppliers holding on to beneficial recent oil price falls to the heinous 74% taxation in Duty and VAT.

"We call on the Competition and Markets Authority and the government to investigate and stop this unparalleled greed plus deliberate exploitation of motorists and our vital haulage industry whilst oil prices crash."