Citroen C4 Cactus Airflow

Published Date: 7th Oct 2014

Citroen draw back the curtains to unveil their new C4 Cactus Airflow Concept at the 2014 Paris Motorshow

Citoren had set up an incredible stand at the Paris Motorshow, showing off the latest and greatest models and technology. The main attraction was the new Citroen C4 Cactus Airflow Concept, Which primarily focuses of efficiency,safety and emissions. Citroen Airflow Logo

Cactus Airflow Design

This new Citroen Cactus concept looks very curvy at the front, with squinted headlights and numerous airflow intakes seamlessly built into the front grill. The main and most obvious feature on the car is the air-bubble technology carried over from the newly released C4 Cactus, and looks to be the big brother of the original cactus. Although this car is only a concept, it has seen a lot of interest and many believe an exact or similar car will be lined up for production in the near future.

Cactus Airflow Technology

The Airflow features a 1.2 litre Puretech engine taken from the C4 Cactus line-up, which is paired with special Airflow technology that uses compressed air to move the wheels, rather than the electric motor that is so popular on new cars today. This means the Cactus Airflow is capable of 141 mpg.

The airflow technology have cut fuel intake by 30 per cent and a new super sleek body kit has bettered the aerodynamics by 20 per cent. The air intakes on the front bumper open and close automatically and the intakes on the wheels open and close depending on whether the brakes need cooling or not.

Citroen Airflow Concept Exterior

Cactus Airflow weight reduction and innovation 

The Airflow has been given side cameras instead of wing mirrors to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics, and also have a completely smooth undertray to reduce any excess drag. These are a few of many improvments that make the Airflow 100kg lighter than the Cactus and 200kg lighter than the C4. The engine efficiency has seen an improvement of around 5 per cent thanks to HybridAir system and carbon coating on the engine.

Citroen's promise for an affordable 140+ mpg car by 2020     

Citroen have made a promise to get a high mpg car on the roads in France by 2020, and as you can see - the Citroen C4 Cactus Airflow may just be that car to fulfil that promise.