Chrysler gets ready for busy 2006

Published Date: 3rd Jan 2006

Chrysler is to release six new models into the cheap new car market this year, making 2006 its biggest year ever.

It will also market a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, which will come with reprogrammed traction control and an upgraded suspension.

In July, Chrysler will launch its new Dodge Caliber, which is billed as a five-door family hatchback.

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Simon Elliott, managing director of Chrysler Group, commented The Dodge Caliber will be the first of a series of new right-hand drive Dodge products coming into the UK over the next three years.

The Caliber is a striking looking car that combines great diesel and petrol engines, lots of interior space, European standards of ride and handling plus affordable pricing

It will be preceded by the Jeep Commander in April, which is a seven-seat version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.