Citroen C3 is RFL Exempt

Published Date: 2nd Jul 2009

The all-new Citroen C3 will be road fund license exempt when it goes on sale in early 2010. Citroen have said that they expect the all-new C3 to be a winner in the supermini class, with style at the top of the agenda. 

On the outside there will be an optional ‘Zenith’ windscreen available, which stretches over the drivers head, giving the interior a light and airy feel with a panoramic field of vision. They have even thought to add a progressive tint on the glass to protect you from harmful UV rays.

The interior trim and fabrics have a more expensive feel with an upmarket dashboard. There will be improved sound insulation and even an integrated air freshener

What is more impressive is that when the C3 is launched in early 2010, the entry-level Hdi 90 version will be available emitting only 90g/km of CO2 – Citroens first car to come in under 100g/km, which makes it a tax exempt car. From 2011, stop-start technology will be available with a diesel version emitting only 90g/km and a three-cylinder petrol car will also be available below the tax-exempt threshold.

Although pricing is yet to be announced, it is believed this all-new C3 will certainly give the popular Ford Fiesta a run for its money