Brand New Ford 2.0L EcoBlue Diesel Engine to set the standard

Published Date: 28th Apr 2016

Ford have released their brand new 4 cylinder 2.0L EcoBlue Diesel engine, this new Ford engine will replace the out-going 2.2 diesel unit.

Key Stats for the new 2.0L EcoBlue Diesel Engine

  • Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions cut by up to 13 per cent
  • Improved performance with low-rpm torque increased by 20 per cent
  • Enhanced refinement with radiated noise at idle reduced by 4 decibels
  • Ultra-low exhaust emissions in line with Euro Stage VI standards
  • Type Direct injection
  • turbo-diesel
  • Cylinders 4 in-line
  • Capacity 1,995cc
  • Bore x Stroke 84 x 90 mm
  • Comp. ratio 16.5:1
  • Max power 105—170 PS
  • (77—125 kW)
  • Max torque 360—405 Nm