BMW to launch 3-Series CC

A cheap new BMW 3-Series convertible is set for launch in March 2007 and will feature a folding hard top, according to Automotive News Europe.

The roof system is to be built in BMW's Regensburg factory by German firm Edscha, the same people who will work on the drop top for the highly anticipated and cheap new Peugeot 207CC.

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New convertible BMWs have traditionally been an important source of sales for the German firm, with the new 3-Series convertible selling nearly 55,000 units in 2002.

The new CC version is expected to break cover at the 2006 Paris motorshow and will be up against significant competition from a number of manufacturers.

New Peugeot 207CC and 307CC models should be on offer by the time the new 3-Series drop top hits the show rooms and with a new Audi TT CC rumoured to be in development BMW will have to get the 3-Series just right.