E-Rev - Ending Range Anxiety for EVs

Published Date: 25th Oct 2023

Image of an electric Car Charging PointThe Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-Rev) is a game-changing approach in the electric mobility revolution. It offers a solution to the range anxiety often associated with electric cars.


What is E-Rev?

An E-Rev, or Extended-Range Electric Vehicle, combines an electric motor with an internal combustion engine. While primarily electric, it can use its engine as a generator to maintain battery charge when recharging options are limited.


Alleviating Range Anxiety

Range anxiety, the fear of losing power, has been a significant concern for electric car adopters. E-Rev addresses this by incorporating an internal combustion engine for on-demand power, providing confidence for longer journeys.

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How E-Rev Works


Image of Nissan E-Power EngineE-Rev operates on a sophisticated dual-power system, harnessing the capabilities of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. This ingenious integration ensures the vehicle can always access power, even in areas needing charging infrastructure.

Dual Power Sources: Electric Motor and Combustion Engine

E-Rev's brilliance lies in its dual power sources. It houses an electric motor for propulsion and an internal combustion engine, which functions exclusively as a generator. This partnership guarantees that the vehicle is never stranded without a charging option.

Role of the Combustion Engine

The combustion engine seamlessly shifts into generator mode when the battery charge dwindles. In this state, it diligently produces electricity, rejuvenating the battery and allowing the E-Rev to continue its journey uninterrupted by charging limitations.


This dynamic interplay is the cornerstone of E-Rev's unrivalled flexibility and addresses the heart of range anxiety that has hindered electric vehicle adoption. The E-Rev's ability to adapt to varying conditions and ensure uninterrupted mobility exemplifies a significant step forward in electric vehicle technology.

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Comparison between E-Rev and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)


Image of a Nissan E-Power Logo 2023While both E-Rev and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) incorporate electric and combustion power elements, they differ significantly in their approach. E-Rev stands out as a next-generation solution, untethering the combustion engine from the drivetrain and eliminating the need for complex and costly gearboxes. This innovation allows the engine to operate at its most efficient speed, enhancing overall fuel efficiency.


Enhanced Power, Driving Experience, and Electric-Only Range in E-Rev

E-Rev sets a new standard for electric vehicles with its substantial power output, often reaching 300 kW. The electric-only powertrain offers an exhilarating driving experience thanks to instant torque delivery. What distinguishes E-Rev is its impressive electric-only range, often exceeding that of PHEVs, with some models capable of covering up to 200 km solely on electric power. This extended range gives drivers a significant advantage, reducing the need for frequent charging and instilling confidence for longer journeys.

The superior power, driving dynamics, and extended electric-only range of E-Rev make it a compelling choice for those seeking a potent and practical electric driving experience. The next section considers vital factors for potential buyers: vehicle size, market availability, and fuel efficiency comparisons.


Vehicle Size and Market Availability of E-Rev Models


Image of an MG 5Currently, E-Rev models primarily manifest as larger SUVs and crossovers. Manufacturers have strategically focused on this segment, reflecting the growing popularity of these vehicle types. Whether this trend will evolve to encompass a broader range of vehicle sizes remains to be seen. As the demand for E-Rev vehicles continues to rise, we can anticipate model diversification, catering to various preferences and needs.


Fuel Efficiency Comparison with Latest PHEVs

In terms of fuel efficiency, E-Rev stands as a notable contender. While some early models may exhibit slight variances compared to the latest Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), the benefits of E-Rev technology extend beyond simple fuel consumption metrics. The optimized operation of the combustion engine and the option to charge the battery using an onboard generator contribute to a more balanced and efficient driving experience.

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Charging Options: Onboard Generator vs DC/AC Charger

Image of an MG 5 InteriorThe versatility of the E-Rev extends to its charging capabilities. The onboard generator provides a practical alternative when traditional charging stations are scarce. This feature is particularly advantageous for drivers in remote or less developed regions, offering a reliable means of replenishing the battery. While DC and AC chargers remain vital components of the electric vehicle infrastructure, the onboard generator ensures that E-Rev owners are not solely dependent on these resources.


As the automotive industry continues to embrace electric mobility, the potential for E-Rev technology to evolve and adapt to changing needs is promising. The ongoing advancement of charging infrastructure and battery technology will play pivotal roles in shaping the future of E-Rev vehicles. This transitional solution is poised to bridge the gap between conventional vehicles and a future dominated by electric mobility.


Considerations for Car Buyers


When contemplating the adoption of an Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-Rev), there are several key factors that prospective buyers should take into account:


  1. Driving Patterns and Range Requirements: Assess your typical driving patterns. Consider whether an E-Rev's extended electric-only range aligns with your regular commute and travel habits. This evaluation ensures that the vehicle meets your specific range needs.
  2. Vehicle Size and Space Requirements: Evaluate the size and capacity of the E-Rev model with your lifestyle. Consider passenger capacity, cargo space, and overall dimensions to ensure it accommodates your needs.
  3. Availability of Charging Infrastructure: Research the availability of charging infrastructure in your area. While E-Rev vehicles offer the flexibility of an onboard generator, having access to charging stations, both DC and AC, enhances the overall convenience of ownership.
  4. Budget and Cost Considerations: Consider the initial purchase price and potential long-term savings on fuel costs. E-Rev vehicles with smaller battery packs often come with a more accessible price point, providing an economical alternative to fully electric models.
  5. Environmental Impact: Assess the environmental benefits of choosing an E-Rev. While it may still rely on a combustion engine, an E-Rev produces fewer emissions than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. This choice contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.
  6. Manufacturer and Model Reputation: Research the manufacturer's reputation and the specific E-Rev model you're considering. Look for reviews, safety ratings, and feedback from current owners or ask our sales team to gain insights into the vehicle's performance and reliability.
  7. Warranty and After-Sales Support: Investigate the warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer. Understanding the warranty terms for the vehicle and the battery pack ensures you're well-informed about potential servicing and replacement costs.


The Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-Rev) represents a transformative step towards sustainable driving. It addresses range anxiety head-on with dual power sources and extended electric range. Consider your needs and the evolving charging infrastructure when making your choice. As we forge ahead, E-Rev technology promises a dynamic and eco-conscious driving experience, shaping a greener future. Embrace this innovation and join us on the path to a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Two of the UK's Best Selling Nissans use this Technology.


Image of a Nissan Qashqai 2023 ModelNissan Qashqai e-Power:

The Nissan Qashqai e-Power integrates an electric motor with a range-extending petrol engine. The electric motor exclusively powers the wheels, providing instant torque and a responsive driving feel. The petrol engine acts as a generator, producing electricity to recharge the battery when needed. This innovative setup offers a smooth and efficient driving experience, with an electric-only range of up to 32 miles and a combined range of up to 520 miles.


Nissan Juke e-Power:

Image of a Nissan Juke 2023 ModelThe Nissan Juke e-Power follows a similar principle, employing an electric motor for propulsion and a petrol engine as a dedicated generator. The electric motor delivers a lively and engaging driving experience, while the petrol engine ensures continuous power supply for extended journeys. The Juke e-Power offers a range of up to 500 miles, making it an ideal choice for urban and intercity commutes.


Both the Nissan Qashqai e-Power and Nissan Juke e-Power showcase the versatility of Nissan's e-Power Technology, providing a unique blend of electric driving dynamics and the convenience of a range-extending petrol engine. This Technology eliminates range anxiety while offering a smooth, efficient, and eco-conscious driving experience.


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